Just Like Sugar® the All Natural Sugar Substitute


Just Like Sugar® is a 100% natural sweetener made from only the purest of ingredients. 

Just Like Sugar® comprises a perfect blend of chicory root, calcium, natural flavors from the peel of the orange and Vitamin C.

Just Like Sugar® mimics the attributes of regular cane in every way without any of the negatives from sugars on the market today. Just Like Sugar® has a proprietary formulation which tastes clean, smooth and sweet. It does not leave an aftertaste. “You need to try it to believe it!”

Just Like Sugar®  does not contain any soy, yeast, animal derivatives, No “MSG”, No L-Glutamic Acid, No D-Glutamic Acid, No Aspartic Acid or preservatives; it is not fermentable and will not promote tooth decay.

Just Like Sugar®  is a great choice for all people who want to reduce their sugar consumption and the use of unhealthy sugar substitutes. Just Like Sugar is an excellent option for diabetics and the followers of the Paleo diet.


Just Like Sugar®

• All Natural!
• Gluten Free!
• Diabetic Safe!
• No Sugar or Aspartame!
• 0 Carbs, 0 Calories!
• #1 Paleo Sweetener!

Just Like Sugar® enhanced composition is a source of natural dietary fiber obtained from Chicory Root, Calcium, and Vitamin C.