Just Like Sugar Fundraiser Program

Just Like Sugar’s fundraiser program is a kind of program where Just Like Sugar, Inc. rewards salespeople for converted sales customers they send to the justlikesugar.com site via the salespersons own marketing efforts. And Just Like Sugars fundraiser program is the system that handles the tracking of the traffic the salespersons have sent to the site, and the monetary rewards the salespersons have earned for their efforts. This diagram helps to illustrate how the system works:


Step 1: Salespersons must register here to create an account. This is also where they login to access their account.


Step 2: The salesperson area is where they view their referral stats, generate salesperson links, and view their earnings.


Step 3: Salesperson shares the link or adds it to a banner of their site to drive sales to justlikesugar.com. They must use this URL (link) associated to their account for every sales lead (PTA, church group, organization, etc.). The method of promotion is entirely up to the salesperson as long as the promotion material accurately describes the Just Like Sugar product line in a reputable manner. The salesperson will be credited with 20% commission of the total customer cart checkout for all converted traffic to justlikesugar.com.

Just Like Sugar®

• All Natural!
• Gluten Free!
• Diabetic Safe!
• No Sugar or Aspartame!
• 0 Carbs, 0 Calories!
• #1 Paleo Sweetener!

Just Like Sugar® enhanced composition is a source of natural dietary fiber obtained from Chicory Root, Calcium, and Vitamin C.